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5 Reasons Hiring A Web Design Company Makes Commercial Sense

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Written by Duncan Knowles
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When it comes to a new website, it can often be a decision between doing it yourself or hiring a professional to do it for you, with most small to medium sized businesses opting for the later but maybe always wondering if they could save a few pounds here and there.

Whilst it might be tempting to think that you can save some money and do everything yourself or by calling in a few favours from your friend that makes them in the evening, the stark reality is that going alone both in the short and long term just does not work for many businesses. A bit like trying to fix your own car, yes, you might be able to keep it on the road for a few more months, but is it still going to be going when the annual MOT and service comes around and also, could you be doing more damage with your short term fix?

When it comes to having a website, web design companies exist in so many numbers because every business operating in the modern era of marketing understand that they simply must have a website, and something that is a quick fix and of a DIY look will just not do in the long term and in fact, could be detrimental if you are looking to attract decent business online.

So, let’s look at the main 5 reasons why we believe using a professional web design company makes perfect sense when it comes to your new, refreshed or upgraded website.


Whether you are working on your own, or you have a team of ten people, if you are realistic then how many people could you honestly afford to work on your website for the next month to try and get it live. From the project brief through to coding for development, if you have to try and fit this in between hundreds of other tasks then you will find your project slowly slipping away until it falls behind so much that it might never happen. A web design company will have the resources to keep your website on track, with an account manager keeping you updated at every step of the way, and more importantly, it means your site will go live far quicker than if you tried to manage it yourself.


When it comes to a web design company that has been around for a while and has a good selection of clients, you are buying experience, as they will have the knowledge, ideas and as we mention, industry skills, to take your idea and turn into something very special. From knowing the right ecommerce solution for your business through to dealing with any development issues that might crop up along the way, you are paying for a company to take their experience and apply it to your website and future online presence.


To deliver a high quality website that the search engine love and works across multiple platforms, you need standards and high standards at that. It is so important to make sure your website development is of the highest quality as a few bits of sloppy code or broken links can lead to massive problems later down the line. Rolling out a £10,000 website is not just about a pretty look and feel, it is a huge amount of high quality coding and development processes in the background, and also the high levels of quality assurance and checks that happen at every step of the way.


You may well have an idea about what you want for your new website, but do you really have the vision to take that from your mind and onto the web, and then make sure it works across every single platform going! Design often requires a creative mind that can take an idea and turn it into a reality, and trying to do that yourself can be a very difficult challenge indeed, but for people that do it all day, every day, they can often take your vision and turn it into a stunning website far more effectively than most people ever could.

The Future

The chances are, if you could tell what the future held then you would not be sat here reading a web design article, but when it comes to a website there really is nothing better than knowing you are working with people that understand things change and therefore, you, as a business, will need to adapt with this change. It was only a year or so ago that Google announced if your website was not responsive then it could miss out in terms of visibility in the search engine, and whilst you might have heard about this, having a web company on your side means you can do something about. So, as technology changes, things move on, which makes having people that know the industry and can work with you is so, so important as time goes on.

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Duncan Knowles

Duncan is the founder and owner of Net9Design, a Gloucester based web design company handling medium to large sized web projects across the South West, with many leading websites created, hosted and optimised currently online.

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