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Does Your Business Need A Blog To Grow Online?

Written by Andy Raynor
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You are probably sick of people in the SEO and online marketing world telling you that your business needs a blog and that you need to be writing more content, but the truth of the matter is, they are right, with content being the king for rankings, especially with Google.

So, if your website only has 4 pages and you never add anything new, you might find your rankings slipping or a best stagnant, and never able to get above your local rival who seems to have most of the market mopped up. SEO is primarily a content based game these days, and to play the game correctly, you need to be adding content to your site, with your content needing to be:

  • Unique
  • Relevant
  • Quality
  • Authoritative
  • Fresh

Below, we have shared the main reasons why your website really does need a blog if you want good rankings, increased business and your website to deliver the enquiries, conversions and sales that you have dreamed of.

Fresh Content

Google loves content and more importantly it loves fresh, quality and unique content, so your blog is your way of producing the kind of content that is going to get you rising up the search engines and getting the kind of traffic that is going to improve your business. When you run a business with a website, you need to be adding blogs and articles to keep not only the search engines interested, but to also make sure you can keep your rankings and traffic improving, so this is a key reason why a blog is a must.

Building An Authority

No matter what product you sell or the services you provide, you should be using your blog to build your authority within that industry, as blogging and writing articles is a great way to showcase just how good you are and how much you know. You should be writing blogs about what you do, your industry and letting people into your world, so by making sure you are writing about what you have to offer is crucial to making sure people know that your business is the one to go when they need what you have to offer.

Customer Engagement

Getting to know your customers, and more importantly getting your customers to know you is crucial, as when you are competing against 5 other businesses in your area then you have to prove that you are the one to go to and you are the one that will always engage with your customers and make sure they want to use you. Engaging with your customers allows your business to build up a relationship, which in time can turn into business, as it can take up to 8 or 9 associations with your company before they even decide to make an enquiry, which is why customer engagement is so important.

Proving You Are Still Trading            

A stale, dated and never updated website reflects on your business, just like having your high street shop closed during the hours that people normally associate you with being open. If someone comes to your website and it looks like you have not really put any effort into it and you are not updating it with content, it just appears that you do not really push your business and this can reflect on the products or service you offer, as potential customers may think that this is also how you run your company.

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