How Audio And Video Translation Can Positively Impact Your Business Growth

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Written by Neil Gauld
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Our world is far more connected and together than it used to be. The internet and other modes of communication, plus developments in transportation are all advancing, increasing how connected we all are to one another. There may always be isolated areas of the world, but they will become more and more rare as time goes on.

Any business looking to move towards international growth will have no choice but to use a language translation company to ensure they are able to move in this direction and into these new markets.

It is so important that businesses understand that many people on the planet are not well versed in English. And areas you think might be interested in your services may not know English at all and have an entirely different culture.

By investing in a translation company, your business will be able to successfully reach out to these markets and gain traction in these areas.

A good translation company will be able to provide you with a wide range of skills, not just language translation. They can help you get your business noticed in the area you are targeting. They can help you gain business in areas where you may currently be completely unknown. They can help you with localising services, audio and video services and much, much more.

Audio And Video Translation

Audio localisation and subtitle translations exist all around us. You can find them online, within training booklets, in advertising – everywhere. Because of this, businesses looking to expand internationally should consider the benefits of audio and video translation in order to market and sell their wares successfully. The ability to create multilingual audio content is not just a simple task anyone can do. Audio localisation has to occur and within videos, if the language text is more complex than a basic translator is able to handle, the translation can be a real challenge.

So why audio localisation?

Audio localisation involves a translation company translating a script, recording it, editing it and then testing it on the chosen audience. It is complicated and requires expert training and knowledge. Extensive experience is necessary and a large range of formats have to be used in order to get the correct information across. The benefits of audio localisation are huge though, so worth the additional investment.

Where a basic translator may be able to give a very linear translation of a script, a professional translation company would be able to transcribe the audio script, translate it, test it, record it, edit the video properly to allow for localisation, then ensure the correct method is used to integrate the audio or video marketing in its specified location. Furthermore, the finished product has to be monitored and adjusted according to the localisation. It really does pay to have experts in the specific area you are targeting.


Providing subtitles to a video you have already produced for an area is another great option because it is cheaper than a voice over, won’t affect the original score of your video and it provides all the information to the viewer. A professional translation company can provide this service ensuring the translation is localised and makes sense to the target market. This can be completed for any area you wish to place the video in, ensuring your target markets can fully understand the video without any language barriers at all.

Audio And Video Translation Could Help You Go Worldwide

If you know you want to extend your reach to a new country, it is a great idea to consider investing in an audio and video translation company. They will enable you to successfully produce a localised product that will help your marketing and sales growth in areas you are unfamiliar with.

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Neil Gauld

Neil owns and runs Brightlines Translation Services, a UK based company offering a wide range of translation projects, including content, document, website, audio and video, working with businesses of all sizes and many leading global brands.

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