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Why Content Matters When It Comes To Your Business, Website And SEO

Written by Ian
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If you are reading this, and I would assume you are, then you probably already understand why you need to be producing content for your website, but quite often business owners never really understand the main advantages behind spending a few hours knocking out an amazing blog or article.

Indeed, when you are faced with employee issues, stock to sort, accounts to finish and phone calls to return, the thought of spending those precious hours writing articles relating to your business can often seem like time wasted, whereas in fact, it could be the best time you spend all week if you look at content writing from a long term point of view. When it comes to rankings, content is the long term game, as it takes a while before your work is recognised by the search engines, but the short term rationale of convincing your customers to buy from your business is also equally important.

So, why does it matter?

Provides Fresh Content

If you want good rankings in Google then you are going to need good content, and not only do you need content, you need content that is high quality, unique, relevant and added consistently on a weekly basis where possible. Gone are the days where you chuck up a 250 word, spammy blog post and the engines come begging for more, with the content you produce for your website now needing to be the best it possibly can be. Do not rush your articles or blogs, take your time to plan, research and then produce some amazing additions to your site, as not only will you get the credit in terms of ongoing ranking increases, but, your work could also be shared socially and across the web, meaning more exposure and of course, some nice little naturally earned links back.

Builds Your Authority

Content helps to build your authority online, which helps to build your rankings, as Google wants to give the best result to its users so therefore returning the search results from people and businesses that really know what they are doing makes sense. No matter what industry you are in, you can write blogs, articles, how to’s and in-depth resource guides to show the search engines and of course your potential customers that you really know what you are doing and when they hire you to complete a job for them then it is going to turn out just perfect. The issue with most industries is that there are so many other people also offering the same service, so if you spend the time writing and making videos, you can quickly build your company as the only place to go when a customer needs something that you have to offer.

Promotes Customer Engagement

If you think of an article as a way of letting a customer into your business, then you are heading along the right lines in terms of why you are writing content, as if you let them in, they can understand your business, service or product and also get to know you and in the end, trust you enough to use you. Not only that, but content can help with engagement, which opens up communication and encourages more people to work with you, as if they have questions or comments about the content you produce then you can open dialogue with them and this could well lead to you closing the sale. Do not look on content as something you just have to produce, look at content as something you want to produce.

Showcases Your Company

If you have an amazing product or service, or your business is simply the best at what you do, then you need to let your potential customers know about this, as they are not just going to find you and immediately choose you over your competitors. Content helps your business to showcase how good you are and what you do, which if your main rivals are failing to do, gives you the distinct edge and really makes you shine above all the rest. Closing the sale or earning the business takes longer these days, with the customer needing more convincing about why they should choose your business when there are 20 or so others to choose from. Just one article or one video can show just how good you are, which is why writing content is basically a chance for your business to shine and is why it is just so important to get right.

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