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Don’t Let Excuses Get In The Way Of Producing Great Content

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Written by Ian
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Speak to any decent online marketing expert or online business coach that really knows their industry and they will (hopefully) tell you that you need to be writing great content on your website if you want to get more business.

Blogs, articles, guides and in-depth knowledge based content pieces can really help to push your website up the Google rankings but at the same time, help to make sure that you and your business gets seen as an authority in your industry or niche. Writing great content does help with increasing traffic, as the more quality the search engines find, the more recognition and credit you will get for it, as a massive factor when it comes to decent rankings is content that is:

  • Fresh
  • Relevant
  • Quality
  • Engaging
  • Popular

And if you can try to meet all of the above and consistently add content that follows these guidelines, then you really will be on the road to success, as a website without this type of content really has little to no chance of doing much in the most competitive niches. No matter where you go online if you are looking to learn about SEO and improving your website, you will see the same thing mentioned time and time again, and that thing is content, and the need to produce as much quality as you can.

But, like many things in life, the stuff we know we need to do often does not get done, as the things that we want to do often take priority. Sadly, if you are not willing to put the time and effort into your website or at least pay someone to do it, you are never really going to see the full potential in terms of business and sales it could actually deliver, as these days, there are no quick fixes when it comes to increasing relevant traffic from the search engines.

So, if you are struggling to write your blogs or articles, here are some tips to hopefully make life a bit easier:

Plan Ahead

If you wait until you have a spare half hour to write the content, then it will never happen, as you will sit down and completely go blank about titles or content ideas that you may have had running around your mind a week before. This is why you need to keep a “title want list” spreadsheet running at all times, where you jot down ideas, article titles and some bullet points so that when you do have the time to write them, you have the initial ideas already completed and then you can just crack on with writing, rather than spending the time thinking and researching.

Book The Time

Treat your content time as time you need to book into your calendar, just like you would a meeting, client work or admin that you know simply must be done. As soon as you start taking your content seriously and you start putting the time aside to work on it, you will then start to realise why you need to book this time. Even if it is just an hour a week to write one article, try booking it in, do not be tempted to move it around and try sticking to this time for a month or so and see if this makes a difference to your productivity when it comes to your own content writing exercises.

Understand The Importance

If you did not sit down and sort your paper work for your accountant once a year and supply all of the relevant paperwork to them, then you would be late on your accounts and face a pretty hefty fine, usually rising until the moment you actually sorted yourself out. So, this is why you know you have to do your accounts, otherwise the chances are this would get left out as well, as sorting paperwork has to be less enjoyable than writing content does it not? Anyway, the point here is that even though you hate sitting through endless files and plastic wallets, the consequences of not doing so are severe, so try to apply the same mind process to your content. Tell yourself if you do not do it, then your website will not grow, you will not get more enquiries and you will still be in the same position in a few years to come, wishing you had of grown the business when you had the chance.

Outsource If Necessary

Content writing at the end of the day is just not right for some business owners, so if you genuinely feel that there is no way you will ever write a blog, due to time, confidence or some other reason, then pay someone to write them for you. Find some content writers or an online marketing company and hire them to write content for you, as you can still give them the ideas and sign off anything before it goes live, but at least it means your site will have the fresh content that it really needs to make magic happen.

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Ian owns and runs IS Digital Marketing, a Bristol based online marketing company offering SEO, PPC and full online marketing services to businesses in the South West.

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