Marketing Companies That You Should Be Investing In 2016

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Written by Darnell Dawson
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A good marketing company can be the saving element to any business in need.

In the competitive, high-tech, ever evolving society of today; the pressure on all businesses to be successful has never been so intense.

Many factors will affect a business’s success or failure; and without a proper plan to cover these factors, that business will certainly fail. Of all these factors to consider, marketing is one of the most essential.

Businesses will use a marketing company to manage and supervise from the very beginning, or for a short period of time to increase their profitability.

A good marketing company will have the technical skills and practical experience to know what will work for a particular business to succeed. They will treat the business as their own, market the attributes and products, and have a proven history of businesses they have helped to prosper.

Clients including Toyota, Unilever, and ASICS prove this company is award winning in marketing technology. Innovative, active in research and comprehensive in their range of services from digital to traditional marketing; this is a company to watch out for.

BD Network
Independent, vastly experienced and multi-disciplined, the company is renowned for powerful marketing ideas that place the consumer at the forefront of their priorities. Clients of the agency include: Coca-Cola, Nike, Nintendo and Virgin.

Engine Group
A creative company consisting of 10 specially disciplined agencies all working together un the same building. With clients like Aviva, Santander, BMW and BUPA; this creative company is making it’s name by providing numerous services to aid businesses in their marketing needs.

Fallon is responsible for some of the most creative and iconic ads of the 21st century. The famous Sony balls advert was of Fallon ingenuity, as was the advert of the gorilla playing the drums for Cadbury. With multiple awards under their belt, Fallon has problem solving ability and creative opportunities that know no end.

Created in 1917, the reliable and effective services of this company continue to this day. With so many famous adverts to their name, it’s little wonder the company have won so many awards.
Promotions for Toshiba, Pantene and Seat are only the tip of the iceberg for this illustrious company.

JWT London
The second largest agency in London, JWT London is an original and creative company that have won the IPA Effectiveness Awards for the last 25 years. JWT is on record to have sold more products to customers than any other agency, and with creations like the Andrex puppy, and the KitKat advert, there is little wonder.

Leo Burnett
Ranked 4th most awarded agency in the world in 2012, this company’s success is set to continue.

M&C Saatchi
The motto of this ingenious company is the “Beautiful Simplicity of Thought;” and their creative thinking and business acumen very much reflects this. Working as strategic advisor or fully functional partner, this marketing company offers clients a diverse range of services.


An unusual name that makes the company stand out, Mother have been responsible for a number of creative and quirky adverts for many businesses including: Pot Noodle, MoneySupermarket and Stella Artois. The comedic adverts starring Johnny Vegas for PG tips are an excellent example of the quality and experience of this company. Not only is it well established for marketing, but also awarded for its investment in the new, young talent of the next generation.


Investing in a marketing company with an online broker such as CMC Markets is critical for the continuation of that business to succeed; and as the above list shows, there is a wealth of talent, creativity and experience to be harnessed. No matter what the business, no matter what the product, or the targeted customers; there will always be a reliable and successful marketing company, driving profits to the maximum.

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